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Selling a Home

For most people their home is largest investment.  When it's time to sell your home you should work with a licenced real estate agent you trust.  Interviewing an agent is important whether you know the agent personally or have received recommendations from others.  It is important that you meet with the agent to be sure you have confidence in that agent and their abilities, they have a plan for marketing your home and you have a meeting of the minds as to what you expect from the agent and what you are willing to do to cooperate in the sale. 

How to Get an Offer on Your Home 

Prepare for Visitors:  Make sure you clean and polish your home on the interior and exterior.  Make major and minor repairs and paint as needed.  Remove unnecessary objects, furniture and family photos to make rooms appear larger.  Allow the buyer to view the house, not your home.  Look at your home from the buyer's perspective.  Ask yourself, "if I were a buyer would I be interested?".


Work with a Realtor:  The most successful seller employs a professional Realtor; find someone you trust and who understands your needs.


Price it Right:  Price the house to sell in your desired time frame.  Don't overestimate the market; set a price at the lower end of your properties realistic price range.  If your home has been on the market for a while without an offer, you should consider lowering your asking price.


Consider the First Offer:  Decide in advance what price range and terms you'll find acceptable.  Often, the first offer is the best offer, so consider it carefully.  Ask yourself, "would I buy the house for this amount?".  Be willing to negotiate with the buyer if they are pre-qualified for a loan.


Be Flexible about Showings:  It's often disruptive to have a house ready to show at the spur of the moment.  But, the more amenable you can be about letting people see your home, the sooner you'll find a buyer.


Listing Agreement:  Ask questions and understand every part of the listing agreement before signing. For example, who has the right to produce buyers and how long is the agreement valid?


Consider a Home Warranty Plan:  Purchasing a home warranty may protect you from potential lawsuits should covered items break, such as the water heater, furnace or air conditioner. It also may make your home stand out from other homes on the market in the eyes of the buyer.


Title Company:  Hire a reputable real estate title company.





Here's what I will do within the first 48 hours to market your property and continue during the full term of the listing:


·         Put up an Action Realty Post or Panel sign to alert buyers your home is for sale when they drive passed.

·         Take photos of the property for inclusion on the MLS and any other advertising.

·         Forward information to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for inclusion on the website immediately.  The property will also be distributed to most of Wisconsin Agents through WIREX.

·         List your property on the Action Realty website, my personal two websites, REALTOR .com,,, among many other websites which are viewed by people all over the United States and internationally 24/7.

·         Share the listing information with our Manitowoc/Two Rivers Office.

·         Contact my data base of Buyers to inform them of the new listing.

·         Prepare ads for the and/or Real Estate Monthly Magazines.

·         Order a Title Search on the Property so we are aware of any title issues before they become a concern.

·         Schedule an "Office Tour" for our agents to familiarize them with the property and its amenities.

·         Put together a "Home Book" describing your property including tax information, utility information, updates and/or renovations, aerial photos if necessary, list of special amenities and features of the home, and other information as necessary.

·         Install a lockbox, as necessary.

·         Keep you informed of showings and other activity on the property.

Cindy Koutnik, Broker GRI, SRES, ABR